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Jurjako, M. and Malatesti, L. (2020). In what sense are mental disorders brain disorders? Explicating the concept of mental disorder within RDoC. Phenomenology and Mind 18: 182-198. http://10.13128/pam-1814

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Jurjako, M., Malatesti, L. i Brazil, I. (2020) Biocognitive classification of antisocial individuals without explanatory reductionism. Perspectives of Psychological ScienceScopus, WoS, Q1, IF 8, Exc online first 

Jurjako, M. (2019). Is Psychopathy a Harmful Dysfunction?. Biology and Philosophy. 34: 2., WoS, Scopus, Q1, IF 1.311, Exc
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Jurjako, M., Malatesti, L. and McMillan, J. eds. (2018). Psychopathy: Philosophical and Empirical Challenges. Special issue of the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, 14(1).